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ProjectWorks Show Charlotte Tilbury The Amazing Things They Can Create

Charlotte Tilbury, News, Project, | Tue, 11 June 19

The two companies were introduced in 2018 and have since been working together on multiple projects. Launching in 2013 Charlotte Tilbury Beauty first came to Selfridges in London and became the retailers best turnover beauty launch. You can now find the brand in 67 countries.

Achieving the highest quality, while producing the most cost effective end product, is at the heart of what the team at ProjectsWorks do. To enable this, the team where recently given full license to develop the engineering of factices for Charlotte Tilbury’s shop window display.

ProjectWorks began by providing ideas, working prototypes, colour and material samples. With this they were able to work with Charlotte Tilbury to show what they could achieve and deliver.

This meant that whilst the client was aware of what they wanted, they did not necessarily know how it could best be done. This gave ProjectWorks the opportunity to use all in house skills, tools, ability and knowhow to deliver an end product that exceeded expectations.

Once again our incredibly skilled creative and production team show what, with vast knowledge and experience, amazing results can be achieved through working with just cardboard and paper.. all fully recyclable.!