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Words which are carrying increasing weight in our society today

Featured News, News, Sustainability, | Mon, 23 September 19

At ProjectWorks, working within an industry that promotes their products through Visual Merchandise and Display, we have a huge responsibility to uphold the values of using materials that are not only ‘green’ but sustainable. So that in our corner of the manufacturing market that uses materials to create amazing, experiential, visual wonders, we ensure that at every turn we are using the most ecologically friendly and sustainable materials that we can offer.

All too often in our industry it is considered a ‘cost effective’ option to use Plastics and PVC’S to make a quickfire, easy to produce, display solution for a ‘once-only use’. Where does this end up – land fill, the sea..? and I’ts not just about the substrate but the process, execution and delivery.. all of which should be considered when it comes down to sustainability.

If you can develop a display that is not only made of recyclable materials, but is designed so that it flat packs for easy distribution, you are also reducing your carbon footprint.

The funny thing is… using materials with recyclable or re-usable properties is something we have always done.

Without ‘shouting’ about it, ProjectWorks have been working wonders with these materials for decades. Cardboard & Paper Engineering being some of our core skills has always been at the heart of what we do. This isn’t a coincidence, Stewart Robbins and Ralph Parkin, our Creative and Production Directors respectively, have always been passionate and proactive about using recyclable and sustainable materials.

For many a year we have been developing new ways of manufacturing, to eliminate, where possible, unnecessary processes such as taping and gluing, through developing unique locking and tab mechanics to again reduce our footprint.

When printing is required, only Eco solvent inks are used and we are now in preparations to ensure all of our energy is sourced from green sources.

100% of our waste is recycled.

By recycling one kilogram of paper and cardboard, you reduce the production of greenhouse gases by one kilogram. … Cardboard is one of the easiest and most environmentally effective materials to recycle.


BUT.., actually, plastic isn’t totally the enemy, here..

Lets be honest, i’ts all too convenient.. it’s easily accessible.. its cheap.!?!

It’s also very durable, versatile… well.. its a great substrate when used in a respectful manor.

Imagine the response when it was discovered that an otherwise considered complex item such as a chair or other piece of furniture can be manufactured (formed) out of just one piece of material.. brilliant.!

It’s about understanding.. which hat fits best.!

There are always going to be aspects of a display where plastics may be the only answer, however, there are plastics available to us that are 100% recyclable that leave a much smaller carbon footprint than others… Vinyl’s that are made from recyclable Polypropylene are now readily available. So when a sustainable solution is required, where plastics are a necessity in some respect, we can put forward viable, “sustainable” solutions that will ensure we are representing our clients in the correct manner.

Its also certainly worth noting that being able to produce “life-like” display from recyclable and also, recycled materials, that would otherwise be vac formed using resins and plastics, is obviously not only greener, but far, far more “cost effective”.

This is what we do! We provide our clientele not only amazing interpretations of their creative work, but always… always, looking at using materials and methods that will provide a greener, more sustainable option where possible.

WE are passionate about what we do.. Retail Display is a key part of what we produce. So let’s shout about it! Let’s get the conversation moving.

If you have any display or visual merchandise projects that require our ‘sustainable touch’ or if you have any queries, please get in touch.