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“Have you ever had an amazing idea you didn’t run with because you didn’t think it would be achievable?”

Understanding the brief in-hand is one thing, bringing it to life is another and turning a one dimensional drawing onto a piece of paper into a 3 dimensional product would be quite something. Well, that is exactly what we do.

Quite often we find ourselves in a position where even the client would deem a wonderful idea almost impossible to develop. Yet, through years of experience, working side by side with our clients, moulding, shaping and developing their concepts, we make them happen.

Our in-house creative development team and substrate construction engineers with a library of materials on the shelf, to hand, are second to none. Truly working wonders, achieving just that, the otherwise considered “near impossible.”

“Its our forward way of thinking that serves us so well”..

Seeing the wood for the trees, creatures of habit, we look at a concept and automatically look for a practical, workable solution. Which substrate works best in its required environment, will it have the right impact, how can we hit the desired price point?.

“This is where we believe we truly stand out from the crowd”..

Where a project is on the verge of hitting the scrap heap due to a conflicting issue between desired materials and budgets, we really get into gear. Our creative designers and construction engineers can work wonders with material to overcome these hurdles. For example..”cardboard is wood based isn’t it? Then why can’t it behave like it”??

Offering and delivering these kind of alternatives can be the difference between life and death for what would be an amazing piece of packaging, promotional piece or 3D display. Using our superior skill sets to achieve a cost effect solution without losing identity or jeopardising quality is common practice for us.. we thrive on it.

“We take pride in our ability to play with a multitude of processes to achieve the outstanding!”

Of course we take great pleasure in producing what would otherwise be considered as “the norm” but we also take pride in our ability to play with a multitude of processes to achieve the outstanding. From screen printing thermochromic, heat sensitive inks onto aluminium, to embossing and cad cutting leather, or applying multi coloured foiled vinyl onto giant cardboard engineered 3D display.

Our in-house design and development team with the know-how and tools to hand, are achieving dynamic, contrasting effects. Practice makes perfect and with years of experimentation, mixing different substrates with all types of processes, we really know what works.


“We have a true understanding of which hat fits best.”

This gives us a great advantage in being proactive with the client. Presenting ideas, giving inspiration to the project in-hand. Plus, we are always searching for something new to work with which we find incredibly exciting.

“Material, in itself is a work of art and we respect that.”

We love taking note of the attention to detail, the textures, how the grain in the un-coated cardboard falls, how the light glows off the live acrylic edging, how hand made papers react when applying spot varnishes or laminates. Even recognising the correct way that cardboard creases is critical.

“We have a vast array of material stocks, on our shelves, at hand!”

From natural recycled papers and coated display board to fluorescent flock and opal effect polypropylene, plus many many different types of coloured vinyls. That, coupled with our strong partnerships with industry leaders supplying specialist and unique materials, our design team have plenty to play with.

“Suggesting ideas in the interest of the environment”

With extensive knowledge comes great responsibility. Having the ability to mould recyclable substrates such as paper and cardboard into robust, solid products that can have the strength and stamina to behave almost “timber-like” in their appearance, it is not only incredibly valuable to the environment but also a far more cost effective solution.

knowing how certain substrates behave in different environments and which is the most appropriate substrate for a specific item, is crucial when presenting options to the client.

“It is within our nature to have that “hands on” approach.”

We just cannot help ourselves and that begins with the client needs and support. We believe that giving the client a dedicated project manager, to be there on site, where and when appropriate, can add tremendous value to the on-going project. Suggesting processes, presenting prototypes, discussing time frames and critical paths.

“Putting forward practical, workable ideas to inspire the client..”

Brainstorming ideas face to face, via email or on the phone, understanding all aspects of the project and we mean “really” understand. This is of paramount importance to us. At ProjectWorks we strongly believe that complete client support includes having the natural ability and creative know-how to offer sound, constructive advice and put forward practical, workable ideas to inspire the client. Creating a synergy.. a partnership.




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