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‘4160 Tuesdays’ Eau de Parfum by Sarah McCartney. Packaging Project.

ProjectWorks London partnered with Sarah McCartney to design packaging for ‘4160 Tuesdays’ Eau de Parfum, aiming to encapsulate the fragrance’s essence in a visually appealing way.

Key Elements:

  • Imagery: Using Sarah’s artwork featuring fruit and foliage, the beautiful and detailed illustrations reflect the component behind the fragrance inside.
  • Concept: Each box is created and crafted like a mini piece of furniture. In this case, like a cupboard door.
  • Materials: Emphasising sustainability, we opted for eco-friendly materials, maintaining harmony with Sarah McCartney’s values.

The result is something our client was very proud to display her products in.

ProjectWorks London is proud to work alongside Sarah McCartney. If you wish to see this and more of her products, please visit

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Decorative Brown Gift Box with a Gold Bow and Floral Decoration. Also shown is the PW Shop Logo.


Sarah McCartney '4160 Tuesdays'

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