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An Introduction

"ProjectWorks creative production studio are here to talk about your ideas, concepts and proposals of any size and turn your vision into stunning reality."

Whether you are a design, creative, advertising agency, or brand, from concept to delivery, across every process of the procedure, we will work closely with you to interpret potential ideas and make them happen, “bring them to life.” At ProjectWorks, we are practised at honing in on your precise requirements so that we can reach that stand-alone product.

"The sky isn't the limit and we strive to make the impossible, possible."

Nothing outweighs experience and here at ProjectWorks we have plenty of it (“in fact too much that we would like to mention!”) across all aspects of design, creative production and project management.

"Detail creates distinction and at ProjectWorks that starts at home."

Under our roof we carve out the detail with great finesse. From bespoke, tailored packaging, visual merchandising and 3D graphics, right through to event and outdoor display, our in-house creative and production team, blending traditional processes with the latest technology, push the boundaries of what’s achievable.

ProjectWorks have built an infrastructure of long-term client relationships due to understanding, flexibility and the ability to respond to tight deadlines.  We know that working closely with our clients ensures that we can get to a final product that truly reflects initial design requirements and therefore creates the right feeling. We thrive on having demanding clients that push the skills of our dedicated team to the limit and beyond.

"No project is ever the same and everything is achievable".
Adrian Cook – Director/Client Services

“what to say.. with over 25 years within the world of advertising and many a sleepless night it would be fair to say that a few grey hairs are to be seen.

But to be honest with you, as funny as it might sound, its the sleepless nights that I often enjoy most, providing me with the best of solutions.

To me it’s all about relationship. Working with and offering genuine support in the true interest of the client, is the foundation of the best kind of relationship, an honest one, a partnership!

Its that proactive approach that I believe adds true value. Being proactive as opposed to reactive, in my eyes, shows that you are truly interested in the clients needs, the project in hand, thinking ahead.

I love that added extra attention to detail. Working to develop ideas and dare I say add some creative input, is something I really enjoy.

I guess that’s in the blood. My father, my inspiration, a partner of “White Ink” back in the 70’s and early 80’s, producing some amazing work for artists such as dame Elizabeth Frink, Eduardo Paolozzi, Victor Pasmore,, to name but a few.”

Stewart Robbins MA(RCA) – Creative Director

“I studied furniture design at the Royal College of Art and moved gradually, as a designer, through many projects and materials until I found a connection with the process of folding paper. Whether it’s producing furniture, packaging or lighting; the transformation of a 2D flat sheet to a 3D structure still fascinates me – driving me forward to create more.

When I teamed up with the print finishing company that was run by Ralph Parkin twenty years ago and formed 2PM, I immediately saw the unique opportunity of having rapid prototyping and production in-house. The ability to produce samples through 3D sketching meant that a client could quickly hold their proposed project and touch the material. This has given me the edge and has proven to be a key factor not only winning projects, but communicating my ideas. As well as embracing new materials and technologies, I also enjoy rediscovering existing sometimes low-tech, almost craft processes. As fast as new technologies emerge, I love the revival and re-evaluation of existing production techniques. I feel that there is still a strong desire for tactile and tangible processes.

The demanding nature of the industry and clients so often creates successful project results and I love being able to problem solve and surprise the client. Above all, I feel privileged to be working within the industry and that my work has allowed me to meet unique people with individual talents and skills.”

Ralph Parkin – Production Director

“I have been working within the print industry for 30 years starting as a print finisher having attended the London School of Printing in Elephant and Castle. The training which I enjoyed gave me an introduction to the print industry, gaining skills in die making, print handling and the production processes.

I worked my way around the industry becoming a cardboard engineer, which was a hand process which took many hours and allowed me to understand materials and their capabilities. I then spent time as a tool maker, adding Die making to my skill set and experienced the evolution of tool making from hand created tools using jigsaws and hand plotting, to CAD creation of profiles and laser cutting.

As production director I now have a unique insight which enables me to work with designers as well as fully understanding the finishing process along with fulfilment, packaging and distribution.

The discipline that the industry demands has made me meticulous in my working manner and every project is treated with the same care and attention. I get a great deal of satisfaction from delivering the final project that the client required.”

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