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Cubic Harmony Collection: Display Cubes

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Cubic Harmony Collection:

Explore ProjectWorks London’s Cubic Harmony Collection — Sustainable brilliance in every dimension. Meticulously crafted cubes redefine excellence, showcasing your prized possessions or products with an eco-friendly commitment.

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  • Cubes available for purchase on this site are made from a durable, sustainably sourced cardboard.
  • The unique engineering of the Cubes allows up to 10kg of weight for display purposes.
  • PW can create Cubes from other substrates (for outdoor execution etc..) and numerous customisable finishes. Please see the form below for a FREE Quotation.

Quantities of up to 100 Cubes can be purchased directly on this store. For larger orders please use the enquiry form below.

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Examples of our work:

Cubic Harmony:

Introducing the Cubic Harmony Collection by ProjectWorks London: Sustainable Brilliance in Every Dimension Embark on a journey where meticulous craftsmanship converges with environmental consciousness—the Cubic Harmony Collection. Manufactured by ProjectWorks London, this distinctive line features expertly engineered and handcrafted product cubes that redefine the standard of excellence. Crafted entirely from sustainable card material, these cubes not only showcase your prized possessions but also embody a steadfast commitment to eco-friendly practices.


Unmatched Engineering At the core of the Cubic Harmony Collection lies a dedication to precision engineering. Each cube is meticulously designed by ProjectWorks London to support weights exceeding 5kg, ensuring a stable and secure display for your most cherished items. The structural integrity of the cube is a testament to the seamless fusion of cutting-edge technology and timeless craftsmanship.

The engineering prowess behind the Cubic Harmony Collection guarantees that, regardless of the size or weight of your exhibit, these cubes stand firm, elevating your display to new heights. The carefully calculated balance and weight distribution ensure that your items are not only showcased but also protected with the utmost care.


Handcrafted Excellence ProjectWorks London’s skilled artisans bring decades of experience to the crafting table, hand-assembling each cube with a level of precision that sets our products apart. The meticulous attention to detail is evident in every edge, surface, and finish, creating a product that is not just functional but also a work of art in its own right.

The handmade nature of the Cubic Harmony Collection ensures that no two cubes are exactly alike, offering you a unique piece that resonates with individuality. Whether it’s a bespoke size or a custom finish, our artisans are dedicated to bringing your vision to life, ensuring that your exhibit is presented in a way that is as distinctive as the items it holds.


Sustainability at Its Core In an era where sustainability is paramount, the Cubic Harmony Collection, exclusively crafted by ProjectWorks London from eco-friendly card material, takes the lead. Our commitment to the environment is woven into the very fabric of the production process, with every cube made to order, eliminating excess waste.

The card used is sourced from responsibly managed forests, promoting reforestation and reducing the carbon footprint associated with traditional manufacturing processes. Choose brilliance without compromise—sustainable, handcrafted, and engineered to perfection by ProjectWorks London.

You’re in control:

Customization Beyond Limits The Cubic Harmony Collection, manufactured by ProjectWorks London, caters to your unique needs with a range of sizes and finishes, ensuring that your exhibit stands out with a bespoke touch. From the minimalist to the elaborate, our customization options empower you to curate an experience that mirrors your individual style and the essence of your collection.

Whether you’re showcasing delicate artifacts, prestigious awards, or high-end retail products, the Cubic Harmony Collection provides a platform that is not only a stage for your treasures but an extension of their significance.

In a world that demands sustainable choices without sacrificing quality, the Cubic Harmony Collection by ProjectWorks London rises above as a beacon of craftsmanship, precision engineering, and environmental responsibility. Elevate your displays, embrace sustainability, and make a statement with the Cubic Harmony Collection—a testament to the harmonious intersection of art, technology, and conscientious living. Please note that products shown are examples only, and each order will be customized to your specific needs.


Wood Effect/Wood Finish

Metallic Finish




If you would require any examples of any of these. Please do mention when contacting us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

After confirming your order, we’ll work with you to agree on a delivery date tailored to your schedule. Once finalised, your product(s) will be sent via a first-class courier for a seamless and secure delivery experience. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Cubic Harmony Price Examples:

Please note that images of products shown are examples only and each order will be customised to your specific needs.

For product enquiries and quotations- Please use the form below

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    150 MM Square, 250 MM Square, 400 MM Square


    White, Black, Silver, Gold, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Orange, Grey

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