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The Cubic Harmony Collection:

PW Shop’s Display Cubes can compliment any display in the world of Visual Marketing. From a fancy product launch, to a press event or an art exhibition. We have an option that will make it something to remember.

Sustainably sourced and manufactured in the UK. We pride ourselves on delivering Display Cubes that are brilliantly made, yet can be used time and time again.

Available in a range of brilliant finishes and many different substrate options. Our cubes are second to none. Offering out the box solutions to fully customisable products. PW gives you full control. Check out the Cubic Harmony Collection today to get started.

Cubic Harmony

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Cubic Harmony Collection: Display Cubes


Cubic Harmony Collection:

Explore ProjectWorks London’s Cubic Harmony Collection — Sustainable brilliance in every dimension. Meticulously crafted cubes redefine excellence, showcasing your prized possessions or products with an eco-friendly commitment.

Please note that Product Images shown are examples only.

  • Cubes available for purchase on this site are made from a durable, sustainably sourced cardboard.
  • The unique engineering of the Cubes allows up to 10kg of weight for display purposes.
  • PW can create Cubes from other substrates (for outdoor execution etc..) and numerous customisable finishes. Please see the form below for a FREE Quotation.

Quantities of up to 100 Cubes can be purchased directly on this store. For larger orders please use the enquiry form below.


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