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The ‘Heart Echo’ Valentines Day Decoration


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Discover ‘HeartEcho’—a sustainable Valentine’s masterpiece, intricately crafted from eco-friendly cardboard. Ideal for window displays, celebrations or romantic settings, it transforms spaces into havens of love, echoing PW Shop’s commitment to a greener future with its enduring charm.

You can purchase up to 10 Units of this product directly through this website. For larger and also bespoke custom orders please use the enquiry form below.

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Explore the seamless beauty and quality of the Heart Echo in this clip:

“Introducing ‘HeartEcho’—a mesmerizing expression of love and artistry, thoughtfully crafted with sustainability at its core. This Valentine’s Day-themed masterpiece showcases a heart within a heart, intricately fashioned from lightweight, eco-friendly cardboard. Whether gracefully suspended in a window display or delicately hung from a ceiling, HeartEcho captivates with its intricate design, creating an enchanting visual symphony.Radiating romance and elegance, HeartEcho transcends being a mere decoration; it’s a sustainable statement of affection. The nested hearts evoke a sense of connection and unity, making it the ideal centerpiece for Valentine’s Day celebrations, restaurant ambiance, or any romantic setting. Crafted for both aesthetic appeal and environmental responsibility, HeartEcho transforms spaces into a haven of love.Infuse your surroundings with warmth and charm using HeartEcho—a symbol of everlasting love meticulously designed for sustainability, allowing your love story to unfold year after year. Elevate your Valentine’s Day or special occasion with this captivating display that not only speaks volumes without uttering a word but also echoes a commitment to a greener, more sustainable future. Create moments to remember with HeartEcho, where love resonates in every heartbeat, leaving a lasting imprint on both hearts and the environment.

Each heart is 570mm Wide, 516mm High with a Thickness of 10mm.

  • Crafted from durable corrugated cardboard
  • Embraces sustainable practices throughout production
  • Designed for reuse, promoting eco-friendly habits


Metallic Finish





If you would require any examples of any of these. Please do mention when contacting us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Delivery of this product for up to 10 Units can be ordered directly through the online store. This has a flat fee of £15 for delivery in 3-5 working days. Deliveries are sent with a first-class courier for next day delivery upon shipping.

Delivery fees for orders above 10 Units are negotiated on application with the enquiry process.

Heart Echo Decorations Pricing Examples:

QuantityPrice per Unit
1-10 units£25
50 units£22
100 units£18
250 units and aboveOn Request

Delivery fees for larger orders will be negotiated on application.
Price per unit for custom finishes, substrates and colours will also be negotiated on application.

For orders over 10 Units or for a more Bespoke Enquiry. Please use this form.

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    Dimensions57 × 51 cm
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    The 'Heart Echo' A Valentines day hanging decoration. A heart within a heart made of card. Coloured Red.
    The ‘Heart Echo’ Valentines Day Decoration