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The brand name EcoVista Signage was derived from PW Shop being Eco Friendly and Sustainable and Vista. Meaning a ‘Pleasing View’. Which perfect sums up our Signage solutions offered at PW Shop.

As with all products offered PW Shop. Our EcoVista Signage solutions are fully customisable to the needs of you, the client.

Size (Whatever you need)

Purpose (From promotional events to storefronts)

Special Effects (3D lettering or Illumination? No Problem)

Substrates (Need something different and unique? Enquire now!)


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EcoVista Signage by Project Works London


Introducing EcoVista Signage by Project Works: London – bespoke signs merging sustainability and style. From free-standing to wall-mounted, our custom-lit designs cater to businesses, events, and art spaces. Crafted with eco-friendly precision, EcoVista transforms your vision into an eco-conscious masterpiece, leaving a lasting impression.

 Note that product images are examples only and each order will be customised to your specific requirements.

Please use the form at the bottom of the product page for all enquiries.

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