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EcoCraft Luxe:

Why EcoCraft Luxe? When we developed this brand name. We wanted to convey the fact that our Gift, Presentation Boxes & Packaging solutions are of the highest standard. Yet they are made in a sustainable way.

Materials sourced locally in the UK and made under strict sustainable manufacturing practices. You can rest assured you are making an eco-friendly commitment by working with PW Shop.

Fully customisable from colours, sizes, finishes and inserts. Even options to construct them from different materials/substrates. EcoCraft Luxe and PW Shop give you the client, full control over your custom and bespoke packaging requirements.

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EcoCraft Luxe

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EcoCraft Luxe: Sustainable Box Sleeve Set


The EcoCraft Luxe: Sustainable Box Sleeve Set:

A set of stunning, simple and sustainable made Magnetic Closing style boxes with a stylish sleeve.

These Presentation/Influencer boxes can be used for new and existing products alike.

Available in 3 Sizes. 3 Box Colours & 12 Sleeve Variations. Complete with insert tray in 2 or 3 section varieties.

Orders of up to 30 units can be purchased directly here. For larger orders and also a pricing table for such orders. See the pricing examples and enquiry form below.

PW Shop can also create your very own bespoke variation(s).

Want a custom coloured design? Your own logo printed on your boxes? Perhaps some stylish embossing? For all such enquiries click here.


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EcoCraft Luxe: Gift and Presentation Boxes


ProjectWorks London’s Gift and Presentation Boxes, crafted from premium and sustainable card, blend sophistication and eco-conscious craftmanship. Meticulously engineered, they offer exquisite presentation and lasting structural integrity.

 Note that Product Images shown are examples only. Every enquiry you make will be quoted based on your specific requirements.

For all enquiries, as well as pricing examples. Please see the form below.

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