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EcoCraft Luxe: Gift, Mailer & Product Reveal Boxes

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ProjectWorks London’s Gift and Presentation Boxes, crafted from premium and sustainable card, blend sophistication and eco-conscious craftsmanship. Meticulously engineered, they offer exquisite presentation and lasting structural integrity.

 Please note that Product Images are purely examples of work we have previously done. These box types are available of course and each quotation will match your exacting specifications.

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Introducing EcoCraft Luxe:

Elevate Your Moments with Sustainable Elegance by ProjectWorks London. Our Gift and Presentation Boxes redefine the art of gifting, seamlessly blending sophistication and eco-conscious craftsmanship. Crafted from premium cardboard, each box is a testament to meticulous engineering, ensuring not only an exquisite presentation but also the structural integrity needed for a lasting impression.


At the heart of EcoCraft Luxe is a commitment to sustainable practices. Manufactured and engineered with the environment in mind, our boxes go beyond traditional gifting, reflecting a conscious choice for a greener tomorrow. The cardboard used is sourced locally and responsibly, promoting eco-friendly manufacturing while reducing the environmental footprint.

What sets EcoCraft Luxe apart is the ability to customise each box according to your unique vision. Whether it’s a personalised message, a specific size requirement, or a custom design, our boxes can be tailored to match your individual needs. This bespoke approach adds a touch of personalisation to every gift or product, making it truly special.

Engineering EcoCraft Luxe:

Meticulous engineering ensures that each box is not only aesthetically pleasing but also structurally sound, capable of safeguarding your precious gifts. The seamless fusion of technology and craftsmanship guarantees that EcoCraft Luxe Gift and Presentation Boxes stand firm, elevating your product and gifting experience to new heights.

Choose EcoCraft Luxe by ProjectWorks London for a gift packaging solution that goes beyond expectations—where sustainability meets elegance. Make a statement with your gifts and products, embodying a conscious choice for a more beautiful and environmentally responsible world. Elevate your moments with EcoCraft Luxe—crafted with care, engineered with precision, and customised just for you.




Wood Effect/Wood Finish

Metallic Finish




If you would require any examples of any of these. Please do mention when contacting us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

After you receive your quotation and you confirming your order, we’ll work with you to agree on a delivery date tailored to your schedule. Once finalised, your product(s) will be sent via a first-class courier for a seamless and secure delivery experience. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Product Examples - Mailer Boxes:

Mailer Box Price Examples:

MaterialCorrugated Display Board
ExtrasCMYK Insert Tray
Quantity50 Units

£28 per unit

(Note: This is just a price example and each bespoke quotation will vary based on your unique requirements)

Product Examples -Gift Boxes

Gift Box Price Examples:

Size275 x 215 x 215
MaterialNatural Craft/Black/White
Sleeve PrintCMYK
ExtrasInsert Tray With 2 Sections

£18.20 per unit up to 50 Units.

Orders above 50 Units will incur a discount Per Unit cost. Please enquire on the form below for these prices.

£142 per box (20 Units)

£55 (100 Units)

(Note: This is just a price example and each bespoke quotation will vary based on your unique requirements)

(Note: This is a just a price example and each bespoke quotation will vary based on your unique requirements)

Product Examples: Product Reveal Boxes that we've done previously..

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    EcoCraft Luxe: Gift, Mailer & Product Reveal Boxes