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The canvas for your idea

"Material, in itself is a work of art and we respect that."

We love taking note of the attention to detail, the textures, how the grain in the un-coated cardboard falls, how the light glows off the live acrylic edging, how hand made papers react when applying spot varnishes or laminates. Even recognising the correct way that cardboard creases is critical.

"We have a vast array of material stocks, on our shelves, at hand!"

From natural recycled papers and coated display board to fluorescent flock and opal effect polypropylene, plus many many different types of coloured vinyls. That, coupled with our strong partnerships with industry leaders supplying specialist and unique materials, our design team have plenty to play with.




"Suggesting ideas in the interest of the environment"

With extensive knowledge comes great responsibility. Having the ability to mould recyclable substrates such as paper and cardboard into robust, solid products that can have the strength and stamina to behave almost “timber-like” in their appearance, it is not only incredibly valuable to the environment but also a far more cost effective solution.


knowing how certain substrates behave in different environments and which is the most appropriate substrate for a specific item, is crucial when presenting options to the client.

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