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Keeping up to speed in an ever changing environment is critical within this industry.

We are constantly behaving proactively with our partners within the substrate and technology network to bring new and exciting ideas to our clientele.

One of the increasingly important factors in the manufacturing process, which also determines printing methods, is the effect that the production will have on the environment.

With a significant onus on both large corporations and small businesses to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible, more printing techniques involve the use of solvent-free paper and ink, and aim to make the energy used in producing the project-in-hand as efficient as possible.

Recycled materials are finding their way into the composition of marketing collateral more and more, and printing machines are being developed to incorporate this as well as improve their energy efficiency.

In light of this, having access to the diverse array of processes available will fulfil the function of a powerful design, be cost-effective, sturdy, and sustainable, and perhaps in the near future the printing, packaging and display industry will see the inclusion of another technique or a merging of flexo, offset, and digital, and in turn become even more beneficial to the client.

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