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ProjectWorks Team Rush To Find A Solution To A Last Minute Brief Adjustment

Charlotte Tilbury, News, Project, | Mon, 1 April 19

During a recent collaboration with Charlotte Tilbury, the realisation that the space available in the window display area for a product launch was less than originally thought. The team needed to act quickly. It was necessary to reduce the size of the factices. It was suggested that flattening the back of the tubes may be the only way forward. This would shave off the space required, but not sacrifice the aesthetics of the end products.

The ProjectWorks team decided that this wouldn’t do. They weren’t happy with this. There must be a way to keep the curvature of the product and still save the space needed.

Serious cardboard engineering skills came into play, as the team looked at how the card could fold and shape to the tube profile by inverting the back of the factice, as well as creating the creases in the top section to keep it true to the product.

“The client was delighted! The result was a beautiful and highly realistic representation of the Goddess Ritual products.”